70% shade cloth (200G/SQM UV-stabilised) 3660mm x 50 metre roll

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70% shade cloth (200G/SQM UV-stabilised) 3660mm x 50 metre roll

70% shade cloth (200G/SQM UV-stabilised) 3660mm x 50 metre roll - 1

Product Information

  • SiteShade™ horticultural 70% shade cloth
  • 3.66m wide x 50m roll
  • 200gsm
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty against UV breakdown

This product is fantastic for printing. Perfect for companies to advertise their logo and services on site

SiteShade™ construction/fencing shade cloth is perfect for outdoor use. Designed for fencing, shade houses and nurseries, it is also great for livestock feed lots, protecting vehicles from hail damage and general gardening needs.

SiteShade™ shade cloth is built to last. Manufactured from UV-stabilised HDPE using a knitted construction with a heavy duty monofilament thread, it is much stronger than domestic shade cloth. This provides durability you can rely on. The 100% monofilament thread construction provides more accurate and even shade protection for gardens and vegetable patches.

A wide range of SiteShade™ products are available, covering all of your outdoor needs. Different colours and levels of sun block-out are as follows:

  • 30% available in Black / Blue
  • 50% available in Blue / White / Black / Green
  • 70% available in White / Black / Blue / Green / Beige
  • 70% 3.6m available in Black / Blue / Green / Beige
  • 90% available in Green / Beige / Blue / White / Black
  • 90% 3.6m Beige / Green / Black

All SiteShade™ products come in 1.83m and the 70% & 90% are also available in 3.6m rolls.

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