Why Use Printed Shade Cloth for Outdoor Advertising?

With all of the advertising options available today, it’s easy to look past the basics. Printed shade cloth is a simple, affordable and effective choice for anyone looking to promote a business. It is resilient and widely used for building or construction sites, crowd control barriers and multi-level scaffolding. 

Shade cloth is highly customisable and tailored to fit around the perimeter of your project. The cloth can be endorsed with your company logo, text, images or contact information; the possibilities are endless. What began as a solution for keeping dust under control with moderate visibility, the printed shade cloth has become one of the most popular and accessible advertising tools on the market.

Maximise creativity

Quickly and easily design or transfer your own logo onto a professional grade mesh banner to bring more buzz to your brand. Most shade cloth providers offer digital design services so you’ll see a preview before the product is made, giving you the power to pick and choose what you like.

Site Shade Creativity


Budget friendly

Savvy project managers are turning to shade cloth as a respectable outdoor advertising medium that keeps costs low. Other advertising methods require thousands of copies to be made and distributed. With a shade cloth, you know exactly where your money is going.

Site Shade Budget Friendly

Built to last

The materials used to create printed shade cloth are made to endure various climates. Because the printing process is crafted for the outdoors, you can rest assured that the ink won’t scratch off or run (another advantage over other screen-printed ads). The sturdiest type of shade cloth is made from high density polyethylene (HDPE), which is known for its reliability under the most extreme weather conditions and never disintegrates.

Site Shade Built to Last

Customised fit

What’s special about printed shade cloth is that each banner is made for a specific project. It’s available in various colours, heights, and widths to maximise the space. The cloth is made to fit your particular space requirements, and saves you wasting time searching for signs, simple banners or stencils that match the area’s dimensions.

Site Shade Customised Fit

Great exposure

Imagine your logo draped across a multi-storey building. Shade cloth is made to be exceptionally visible to the public, from drivers to pedestrians. The purpose is to bring awareness to your brand; one of those passers-by could be your next client who found your contact information printed on the shade cloth you organised.

Highly functional

In addition to promotional purposes, shade cloth is an excellent tool for environmental protection for whatever perimeter it protects. The eco-friendly material is known to provide excellent UV sun protection, contain debris, minimise dampness and promote ventilation.